Having a personal practice of silence, simplicity and stillness is the essential key to self-knowledge. Every great spiritual tradition has known this and has taught it as the basis of all wisdom.

The practice of meditation gives us access to the infinite richness of the truth which lives within and between us. This experience of a shared and compassionate reality is what all the great wisdom teachings point to. It is what Jesus called the Kingdom of God.

Meditatio offers this central and simple teaching not as a retreat from ‘the World’ but as a way of actively engaging with contemporary life, with all its challenges and all its rich potential for change. Meditatio affirms that the practice of silence, simplicity and stillness goes beyond personal enlightenment: it is transformative for culture and for society.

“Meditation creates community”… Meditatio expresses it.
John Main OSB

Meditatio is the outreach of The World Community for Christian Meditation which was founded in 1991 and is now present in over one hundred countries.